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Easydry is a next-generation, super-absorbent fabric that uses the latest technological innovations in textile design to create luxurious disposable towels.

A spa owner mentioned, "Gosh Easydry disposable towels are expensive! Considering they are meant to be disposable! I think it would cost less than £200 for 300 cotton bath towels that could be used again and not thrown away?"


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mrs carol holland says

"I ordered a settee cover. Order number OR11960583. It arrived but didn’t fit correctly on the sofa. I tried to ring regarding returning the item but was unable to get through so I packaged it up and returned it as per the instructions. This was in august and I still have not received my refund. I have emailed the company twice now and received no reply. The customer service is terrible and I will not be purchasing again from them. I’m starting to think that I won’t be receiving my refund!"

Nicky Macfarlane says

"My 82 year old mother, having called to order something from the catalogue was then badgered by the sales person to join the book club subscription service, which she explicitly said very firmly on the call she did not want to do, nearly hanging up because they were so pushy. 14 days on and money was taken from her account and 2x trial books delivered. To prevent further money being taken she needed to get in contact to cancel a service she was very clear she did not want, which is not an easy task given the lack of customer service this company offers. Clearly the call centre staff are targeted on upselling and signed her up against her wishes to hit target which is terrible and a SCAM."

Robert Pearce says

"I ordered some repeat copper infused face masks on 9th August 2020, order number OR11920857. On 20th August I received an email saying the order had been dispatched. I waited the specified 10 days and it has still not been delivered on 18th September. I've tried to phone the help line many times but never get through to anyone, the lines are either busy and you're cut off or no one answers after 10 minutes plus. I've also tried sending emails to no avail. The customer backup service is rubbish and I would strongly recommend that no one uses this company."

Trevor Cooper says

"I received my delivery for disposable facemasks on 4/8/20. The order was placed 18/7/20. Unfortunately my order for 50 was delivered short by 20 masks. I emailed Easylife immediately to inform them of this with photos of the relevant documents. I had tried to phone on another matter a few weeks before, but was unable to get through to anyone. This had involved a long wait followed by being cut off. Life’s too short for a repeat performance so I decided to use their email for help. It has help in the address and it couldn’t be any worse than trying to call them, could it?? As is customary with Easylife, I did not receive any reply. I did not receive any reply either, to another 4 emails which I sent in each of the following weeks. In the last one I said that if I did not receive any reply, my next course of action would be to email their Chief Executive Officer, a Mr Greg Caplan. Whether they were quaking in their boots at the prospect of this is unlikely, because they are more familiar with their company’s culture than I. I wrote to Mr. Caplan on 11/9/20 explaining nicely that due to the time lapse since the order was placed (nearly 2 months), I had to source the 20 masks from elsewhere and since the last email, I was now requesting a refund of £16 being the cost of 20 masks. Clearly the company’s adoption of not talking to their customers under any circumstances is endemic in their management, because, as only to be expected, Mr Caplan did not think my request worthy of a reply. Now, if you manage to get your goods as ordered, they are usually quite good and you are likely to think Easylife gives a reasonable service. HOWEVER, should you encounter any problem whatsoever (usually involving Easylife holding your money in respect of something you haven’t had, or didn’t want) you had better hope that some sort of divine influence comes into play because that seems to be the only chance you will have of ever seeing your money again. If you feel happy to hand over any cash to this company, then that is obviously your decision, BUT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!"